To Drive or Not To Drive?

Tuesday 28 June 2016

To drive or not to drive…that is the question?

With current technology evolving in the motor car at an alarming rate, it is not surprising that Autonomous Driving is at the forefront of motoring news stating that we will soon be able to drive ourselves from door-to-door, completely hands free!

Thatcham Research have released this video clip to highlight the pros and cons of such technology, the move towards full vehicle autonomy and why safety has to be the priority with the importance of safe, robust systems where the driver is ultimately in full control at all times.

The video clip highlights ‘assisted driving’ capabilities such as Lane Departure Warning that is quite commonplace in a lot of the cars, on today’s roads, through 2018 when hands-off driving on motorways for short periods will be permitted, and 2021 when this will be relaxed to allow fully hands off driving on certain stretches of motorway, all the way to full autonomy in 2025.

Not sure how well this will work for Insurance Companies and Accident Lawyers.

(Article content courtesy of Newspress/Thatcham Research)

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